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What is Spicey App?

How is born and how to use it

Spices and herbs in the kitchen

Since I learned to cook I've always wanted to experiment. After all, the great thing about cooking is the possibility of expressing owns creativity. Of course, things do not always come out well in the kitchen, and to avoid unnecessary frustration it is better to have solid foundations. One thing that has always attracted me are spices, because with their many colors, aromas and tastes they are like a rich palette for a painter. However, spices and aromatic herbs are really many, some are also difficult to find, and to know them and know how to use them takes time. But they still fascinated me because they immediately seemed like a powerful tool to create unique dishes. The possibilities of combination with the various ingredients are almost endless. But precisely this force of theirs is also a cause of confusion, and therefore one is led to avoid using them, because they are not known. And I always thought it would be nice to have a guide, or an easy-to-use tool to ask from time to time which spice to use with a particular dish or a certain combination of ingredients. And so the idea of ​​this app was born! A help in our everyday life in the kitchen, to make tastier and healthier dishes. Yes, because spices and herbs also have many beneficial properties and introducing them into our diet can only be a positive thing. With Spicey you can search for one or more ingredients, or directly enter the name of the recipe, and the search engine will offer a list of suitable spices to match. The most interesting use is surely to try various combinations of foods, it is possible for example to insert vegetables, legumes, all types of meat and any ingredient to obtain adequate suggestions. Are you making a pumpkin dish and want to add something to your recipe? Just type pumpkin and hit enter. Or is there any other important ingredient besides the pumpkin? No problem, just insert them (it is advisable to insert each ingredient separated by commas) and you will be offered the spices that go well with your preparation.

Spicey is the most complete app in the world for spice and food pairings. Automatically calculates the best combinations, choosing from more than 100 spices and herbs the most suitable for your recipes. We would like to clarify that the database was created by consulting various recipes and cooking manuals - in addition to the experiments conducted personally in these years - and is constantly updated, to offer an increasingly rich user experience. This is the idea behind the creation of this portal, an idea that we hope will be useful to everyone, both beginners and those who are more experienced, and want to try new combinations. Developed first in Italy, a place where - as you should know - we really love food.

In addition to the spicey.recipes website there is also the Android app, and the skill for Alexa, so anybody can take advantage of Spicey easily and on any occasion. In addition a blog is offered, where you can find information sheets for each spice and herb, tips, in depth articles and lots of recipes to try.