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Aromatic herbs on the balcony

A small guide to plant on the balcony, or in the garden, some useful aromas

Aromatic herbs on the balcony

Spring has arrived, despite the bad weather of the last few days, and with it we are finally rediscovering open spaces. For those who live in the city it will probably be the home balcony , while in other areas someone might have a small vegetable garden. Here then is the growing desire to devote to cultivation, to always have some plants, or vegetables, to use in the kitchen at low cost. Having some aromatic herbs can in fact be very useful for our recipes, and fresh aromas are certainly preferable to their dry version. So let's see what are the most used and easiest plants to grow in pots on your own balcony.

First of all, we selected the five most used aromatic herbs in the mediterranean cuisine: parsley, basil, rosemary, sage and mint . These seedlings do not require any special skills to be cultivated, below we provide some basic principles and guidelines that anyone can apply. Just a pinch of good will is enough, to have natural, and even beneficial, flavors that can be used with a wide variety of preparations. Not to mention the fact that having some nice jar on the balcony will also be aesthetically pleasing. So let's proceed with practical advices for each plant.


The plant can reach up to 20 inches in height, and need a vase at least 12 inches deep with mixed peat soil. To be kept in darkness or in any case not perpetually in the sun, it does not like thermal shocks, and if it is cut it grows again.


The plant can reach 25 inches in height. It must be exposed in a sunny place and requires always moist soil, during the summer it could also be useful to moisten the leaves with a spray.


It is very strong and can even reach heights of several meters, but of course in a small vase it will keep small dimensions. It loves sunny places and its ideal soil is sandy and stony because it does not like stagnant water. So be careful not to over-water it.


Perfect plant to grow in pots, it can grow up to 30 inches. Like rosemary, it prefers a sandy, well-drained soil and exposure in warm, light-filled places. Keep attention: it does not like too humid climates.


Spontaneous plant also suitable for growing in pots, it needs a well-drained soil, and it can be both in the shade and in the sun exposed. All we need to do is remember to carry out regular trimming to make new leaflets appear. Alternatively, you can also plant lesser calamint which has very similar characteristics.

As a general recommendation for each plant we recommend using a pot for each, at least 8 inches high and possibly round. Try to guarantee a direct exposure to the sun of at least 4 hours. For watering avoid the hottest hours of the day. If you have a vegetable garden available, planting these herbs can also have benefits on growing other vegetables like tomatoes, cabbage, beans and carrots. There may be some incompatibilities of consociation, for example sage and cucumber are to be kept away, or parsley and lettuce, or parsley and peas.